A Collision Could Leave You Out of Work

Petition for compensation with a car accident attorney in Appleton, WI

Cars and motorcycles are an average part of the daily commutes of most locals. It's easy to forget that these machines are dangerous. A collision could result in serious long-term injuries and even death.

If you've been injured in a collision, it's time to call a car accident attorney. John Miller Carroll Law Office, SC in Appleton, WI can take on your case. We'll gather evidence and witnesses to support your case. Then, using our signature aggressive approach, we'll push for the best results for you.

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When seeking personal injury compensation, you'll need to tell our legal team as much as you can remember about the accident. A car and motorcycle accident attorney from our team will ask you questions like:

  • What speed were you driving?
  • When did the accident occur?
  • Do you have contact information for any witnesses?

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