Don't Face DUI Charges Alone

Hire a criminal justice attorney in Appleton, WI

Were you arrested for driving under the influence? Your driving privileges and freedom are at risk. John Miller Carroll Law Office, SC represents clients in Appleton, WI who have been arrested for drunk driving. Your DUI attorney will help you navigate the court system.

You don't have to face the courtroom alone. Meet with a criminal justice attorney ASAP to discuss your case.

Talking to the police without a lawyer is one of the fastest ways to incriminate yourself. You have a legal right to remain silent; make sure you use it.

If you're arrested for a DUI, you need to...

  • Physically cooperate with law enforcement
  • Ask to speak with a criminal justice attorney
  • Remain silent until your attorney arrives

You need legal representation if you have a DUI charge. An attorney will stand by your side and help you through the process.

Make an appointment with a criminal justice attorney today.