Wisconsin Statewide ​Criminal Defense Team

​Rule #1:

Keep Your Mouth Shut Even if it Means Spending the Night in Jail.

​Rule #2:

Contact Us Immediately if You Are Charged with or Under Investigation for a Crime.

Located in Downtown Appleton, we at John Miller Carroll Law Office, have represented many clients facing convictions from OWI to felony offenses. With our help, clients have been able to fight their criminal charges and benefit from successful outcomes in court. We are an aggressive and result-oriented criminal defense team with a track record of success. ​

​Criminal Charges

​Criminal Charges

John Miller Carroll Law Office isn't one dimensional by any means. We understand that every criminal case is different and needs to be judged based on its individual circumstances, which is why our proficiency in criminal law will come to your advantage. We are comprehensive in our scope, which enables us to take on cases involving OWI, drugs, battery, robbery, burglary, disorderly conduct, weapon offenses, and even probation or parole revocations. We handle all cases with a uniform level of expertise, because we understand that criminal charges, in any context, are serious and take priority in your life. Even misdemeanors, such as disorderly conduct should be handled with the utmost seriousness. For this reason, we are available to handle any criminal charges you may be facing. ​

Not all cases proceed to trial. If the police have improperly obtained evidence in violation of your Fourth Amendement Rights Mr. Carroll will do his best to suppress the evidence. A successful attack will often result in dismissal. Check out our results page to see how many cases are dismissed.

If your case proceeds to trial Attorney Carroll's strategy is to prosecute the defense that is, Attorney Carroll uses the same strategy that prosecutors use to gain convictions. He will attempt to prove your innocence; not just sit back and take pot shots at the State's case. The strategy requires meticulous preparation and a mastery of the facts.

Do you feel you have you been illegally searched or your property illegally seized? Do you feel the arresting agency violated your constitutional rights?​

Similar to any other important decision in life, a sound and calculated strategy is required in order to obtain a good result. We understand that absolutely no case is the same. Every case involves different facts, circumstances and situations.

Many cases have the potential for early dismissal, reduced charges or an acquittal when we have the opportunity to immediately get into action. We strongly advise you to contact our criminal defense team immediately after an arrest or if you are under investigation for a crime.